What do we offer

To all our applicants we are able to offer service in following fields:
  • finding a new employment
  • rendering information about happenings at labour market
  • an assessment of your experience
  • an analysis of CV
  • an aid in professional development

The price for individual consultation is from 500 - 2000 CZK based on the type of consultation required plus the time demand.


We are trying to find an employment even out of post required to everyone. Thanks to that we can offer a feedback including your mistakes and suggest possible improvement. You will get better chance to succeed at current labour market.


By sending my resumé to the company K-search, s.r.o., registered office Bělehradská 31/1116, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech republic, Registered Number: 27118924, registered at the Companies Registry at the Municipal Court, Prague, Division C 97685 (hereinafter referred to as Controller of personal data or Controller) I confirm my permission to process and file my personal data for the purpose of finding suitable work opportunities and informing about them. This permission is granted in the extent of the personal data provided in my resumé (including sensitive personal data, in case you supplied them).

At the same time I confirm that the personal data as stated in my resumé are true and accurate and that I provided them voluntarily. Also I give my permission for K-search, s.r.o. to provide my personal data to the third party with my prior consent that can be given orally or in writing (including by e-mail). At the same time I give my permission to utilize your photograph, in case its supplied, to the extent and for the purpose specified in this permission.

I was informed by the Controller (including the Processors of personal data, who may be its employees and contractual contributors) how my personal data will be processed. In case I find out that my personal data are processed by the Controller incorrectly or inaccurately I have a right to have them rectified without delay. In the case that I believe the Controller is processing my personal data in the way that is contradictory to the protection of my private and personal life or to the respective law, I am entitled to request clarification or the removal of the detrimental situation (blocking, correction, making changes or erasure of the personal data).

This permission is accorded for the period of three years. It may however, be withdrawn at any time by means of a written notification delivered to the Controller.

The rights and duties in relation to the processing of your personal data are governed by the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”).