Terms and conditions


Terms for competitive tendering are from 2 weeks to 4 months counting from the signature of a contract with a client to the end of competitive tendering. It all depends on the type of a post, kind of a selection and flexibility of a client and candidates.


An applicant recommended by us, with whom a client enters into contract, is covered by the guarantee 3 to 12 months based on seniority of the post. If a candidate recommended by us leaves a post in a period of guarantee that has been agreed we warrant finding another employee at our own expense.


A reward for a placement into lower or middle management is from 3-4 times a monthly wage, a placement in top management or a specialized post is 4-6 times a monthly wage of candidates in demand. As for trading posts, the price is set individually based on the cost of a total reward of a candidate including a bonus component of wage. A price for realization of one competitive tendering is given according to the type of a post and level of difficulty.